Goo Hye Sun erased the rumors by posting her certificates

Goo Hye Sun shared the reason for revealing the certificate she received while in school.

Goo Hye Sun photographed dozens of awards she received as an art student during her school days and posted them on her Instagram account on 23 April.

The actress explained “When I was in school, I received a lot of certificates as an art specialty student. At that time, a lot of people spread rumors saying it was unbelievable. So I took the pictures.”

She added, “I won the grand prize at a national competition for using the touching watercolor technique in paints such as oil paintings (opaque watercolors). I also received a lot of prize money”

Many fans responded to this, such as “You are an artist”, “You are a great person, please show us more”, “A talented person”.

Meanwhile, from May 4th, the actress will open her exhibition as Goo Hye Sun’s “newage” under Seo Taiji’s lyrics. On May 8th, she will hold her “newage” concert.

Source: Nate

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