Goo Hara’s violent scandal appeared on high school exam in Korea

The test is being criticized for being a terrible way of educating.

A recent English test at a school in Incheon, South Korea, is at the center of attention when it comes to the scandal of Goo Hara. Specifically, the test included the information related to Goo Hara, her ex-boyfriend Choi Jong Bum and former KARA member Kang Ji Young. The words are said to mock Goo Hara’s violent scandal and Ji Young’s controversial popcorn picture.

Comments on this test, Korean netizens express their anger. Many people feel shocked because such terrible scandal is becoming a material for teachers to make a test. At the same time, referring to Goo Hara’s violent scandal will also have a negative impact on young Koreans. Some comments: “They even use the pictures and names of those characters, the teacher should be sued for this action“; “This is a terrible form of education. What will students learn?“; “Those teachers need to be suspended, things have gone too far“.

Goo Hara’s scandal began on Sept. 13 when her ex-boyfriend Choi Jong Bum accused her of causing injuries. On September 27, Goo Hara responded and accused her ex-boyfriend of threatening by using sex tape to extort money, and provided evidence of her boyfriend’s violence on the night of the incidents.

In an interview with Starnews on October 7, Choi’s attorney stated that Goo Hara is the one who wanted to film the sex tape, and Choi wanted to be compensated after the fight.

Currently, the police continue to investigate from two sides. Goo Hara was investigated for causing serious injuries on Choi Jong Bum’s face. Choi was also accused of sexual assault. Police said that they had checked Choi Jung Bum’s personal computer and phone and collected the phone, the USB in the car and in the house of the hair stylist.

In Korea, pornographic vengeance is becoming a hot issue after Goo Hara’s scandal. Nearly 190,000 people have signed up to the Green House, demanding that the government enforce strict sanctions on Choi.

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