Goo Hara’s first post on SNS after scandals

The former member of girl group Kara, Goo Hara revealed her situation for the first time after the controversy with her ex-boyfriend, Mr. Choi.

Goo Hara posted a photo of her current self on her Instagram account on the early morning of October 20. This is the first photo released on SNS after the controversy with her former boyfriend, Mr. Choi.

In the photo released, she was wearing casual clothes and took pictures while looking at the mirror. Although she looked more emaciated than before, the fans still showed their support just because she informed them of the current situation.

Earlier last month, she was embroiled in an assault controversy with her ex-boyfriend, Mr. Choi. The two former lovers were reported to have been assaulted in the process of breaking up. Mr. Choi said he was one-sidedly beaten by Goo Hara, but she insisted on both sides’ assaults.

The two, who made completely different claims, were more sharply divided as they conducted police investigations side by side. Meanwhile, the controversy over the alleged assaults has become a controversy over the “revenge pornography” as it has been raised that Mr. Choi threatened and blackmailed Goo Hara regarding her private life.

Mr. Choi claimed that he did not need to do it to revenge, but he sent it to sort things out with Goo Hara, which created even more public outrage. Goo Hara has sued Mr. Choi for sexual asault, violence and threats and the Gangnam Police Station has requested the cyber investigation team of the Seoul Metropolitan Government to raided Mr. Choi’s home, car, workplace and confiscated his mobile phone and USB storage devices

Since then, the two attended the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul for a large-scale investigation on October 17 and were questioned for about four and a half hours.

Source: nate

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