Goo Hara’s expression in an appearance 2 days before the suicide

Goo Hara’s videos and pictures at an event 2 days before the suicide made the fans feel painful.

This morning, everyone was shocked by the news of Goo Hara (former Kara member) committing suicide at her home. At this time, Goo Hara’s attitude and expression in a recent appearance draw great attention from the public. Quickly, the netizens found out some photos of her attending an event in Japan two days ago. Despite being faced with great pressure and having unstable psychological issues because of the legal battle with her ex-boyfriend, Goo Hara still tried to smile for the fans and for work.

In the photos containing the last message before suicide, the singer expressed her true feelings about how celebrities always have to wear a mask to please the public and everyone else. Goo Hara was hurt inside but still forced herself to smile, this was what made the public felt sad for her.
Goo Hara’s forced smile in the last appearance before suicide

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