Goo Hara’s ex-boyfriend might not be punished because the sex video was recorded with the agreement of both sides?

Goo Hara is once again in the spotlight for the revenge pornography threat she received.

A variety of news from the entertainment industry was introduced on MBC’s variety show ‘SECTION TV Entertainment News’, which aired on the 8th.

The sad news was also delivered. Goo Hara confessed that she was threatened by the spread of sex videos while having a violent fight with her ex-boyfriend, which shocked everyone. She revealed that her ex-boyfriend threatened to end her celebrity life.

In the 00:08 and 00:30 second of the CCTV footage, we can see Goo Hara fell on her knees begging her ex-boyfriend not to spread the private video.

I tried to solve this problem peacefully because I don’t think I should provoke him,” Goo Hara said. “But I can’t wrap it up without revealing that I was threatened, so I thought about it and made it public.

There were also questions of revenge pornography, a social revenge act in which a person spread their partner’s sex videos after breaking up. The punishment level is pointed out to be too low. Moreover, it is said that the leaked video was recorded under the agreement of both sides, which means the person who releases it is not punishable. Accordingly, people are calling for the law to change into a three-year sentence for this kind of leaking behavior. While the petition to The Blue House regarding this issue has been participated by 210,000 people so far, it is reported that the investigation will continue after the result is announced.

Sources:  osen

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