Goo Hara’s brother auction her paintings to raise money for children from single-parent families

Goo Hara’s biological brother said he would auction off 10 oil paintings drawn by his younger sister.

Goo wrote on Instagram on November 15th, “Hara’s painting is scheduled to be auctioned off. Some of the proceeds will be donated to non-profit organizations to support children growing up in single-parent families.”  Goo Hara’s brother said he would auction one of his sister’s paintings in a day from the 24th to the 10th of next month. It also announced that her works can be purchased through NFT, and that NFT buyers can own her actual works.

Goo Hara's paintings auction

Goo said, “The brighter the light, the more we shine. The brighter the light, the darker our shadow becomes. Shadow is also a part of us as a human. Even now, I want to hug the shadow of Hara. If you also want to hug Hara’s shadow, please come and see the works that Hara drew”.

Goo Hara's paintings auction

Goo Hara was found dead on the first floor of her house in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, on November 24th, 2019. Since no one could contact her, the housekeeper came to confirm, then found her body and reported. Only 41 days after Sulli passed away with an extreme choice, the death of her best friend Goo Hara left a great shock for fans.

Goo Hara's paintings auction
Goo Hara's paintings auction

After the death of his younger sister, Goo Hara’s brother filed a lawsuit against his biological mother for a trial on the division of inherited property. This also helped to enact the “Goo Hara Act”, which prevents parents’ claim on their children’s assets if they have neglected their parenting duties. The case drew attention as it was a lawsuit filed against his biological mother, who he had not contacted for 20 years. The court changed the inheritance division from 5:5 to 6:4 by setting the contribution of Goo Hara’s surviving family members at 20%.


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