Goo Hara sued her ex-boyfriend for sexual crimes and blackmailing

Singer and actress Goo Hara accused her ex-boyfriend Choi of threatening and forcing sexual assaults.

Singer and actress Goo Hara accused her ex-boyfriend Choi of threatening and forcing sexual assaults.

We sued her ex-boyfriend, Mr. Choi, on Sept. 27th for violating the special law on sex crimes, threatening and forcing charges,” said Goo Hara’s lawyer on Oct. 4th and added, “We hope that a swift and thorough investigation will take place on the suspicion of Choi’s crime.”

A media outlet reported that Choi had threatened to release a video clip of their sexual relations after having conflicts with the singer.

According to this media outlet, Choi sent a video clip of their sexual relations to Goo Hara on Sep. 13th, saying, “I will release this” and “I’ll end your entertainer career.” The CCTV footage showed a frightened Goo Hara kneeling for Choi in an elevator.

In an interview, Goo Hara said: “He threatened me with a video. To a female entertainer, is there anything scarier than this? I admit having hurt him. I will be punished, but what about the wounds he gave me? He is a blackmailer. “

Below is the official announcement of Goo Hara‘s representative

Goo Hara‘s viewpoints on Mr. Choi’s complaint

We, the attorneys’ office, would like to speak as the representative of Goo Hara (also referred as the client). On September 27, 2018, the client filed a lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend, Mr. Choi on charges of violating, threatening, and forcing the law on the punishment of sexual assault. We hope that a prompt and thorough investigation into Mr. Choi’s crime charges will be made.

Source: SportsToday

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