Gong Yoo confessed that he didn’t intentionally avoid the romance genre after “Goblin”, but there is one reason that affected his choices of work

Actor Gong Yoo shared that he didn’t intentionally avoid the romance genre after tvN’s “Goblin”, one of the representative romance genre dramas.

Gong Yoo participated in an interview conducted online on December 30th. During the interview, Gong Yoo was asked whether he tried to avoid the romance genre because after “Goblin”, he mainly played the roles that supported the female leads in his later works, such as “Kim Ji-young, Born 1982” and “The Silent Sea”. In response, the actor said, “I have heard this a lot from my fans. I’m not avoiding the romance genre on purpose”. He added, “It just ended up like that somehow. Among the projects I was offered at that time, I decided to do what I wanted to, and it happened to be like that at some point.”

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He continued, “I’m not a director or a screenwriter, but rather than the size of my role, I think it would be better if I do some projects together with others. I think I naturally joined the work that came to my mind”. 

Gong Yoo added, “Or maybe it was because I wanted to share some stories with other people. They seem to be choices I made depending on my emotions and instincts. Rather than telling the viewers, ‘I’m this kind of person in front of people. I hope this and that happen’, I think it would be better if I go into such stories because I’m an actor.”

He then laughed after saying, “Somehow, I selected all the works that centered around the female leads. Thank you for saying this to me from the perspective of a fan. I will think about it more carefully.”

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In addition, when asked if he would continue to challenge works that made people come to think about their meanings like “Kim Ji-young, Born in 1982”, “Seobok” and “The Silent Sea”, Gong Yoo answered, “Of course, but I won’t try things recklessly”, adding, “There is something wriggling in me. I think I’m talking about the similarity with people who are close to me or have the same goals as me”. Lastly, he said, “As a result, it became like this at some point. I want to be one of the people who create  that story.”


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