Golden Disc Awards pissed off BTS’ fans for not taking any actions regarding allegedly cheated votes

The award show’s organizers are not taking any responsibility.

With the 2018 Golden Disk Awards being held on the 5th and 6th, controversy over fairness has emerged. In the process of voting for the Popularity Award that is decided by 100% of votes, suspicions about hacking arose.

The controversy stems from the fact that EXO, the second-ranked group until the close of the vote, suddenly reversed the first-ranked BTS voting distance, which was more than 100,000 votes. Although it is possible to have up to six voting rights per ID, it is not easy to create tens of thousands of new IDs to vote more than 100,000 in just a few hours.

Some fans who participated in the voting encouraged voters to vote by sharing how the certain fandom created their IDs indefinitely during the voting process. They also pointed out that some phone numbers have been stolen. Evidence has followed that the certain group’s fan accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers have shared a way to participate in the illegal Golden Disc voting, and cases of phone numbers being stolen have also spread through SNS.

After many ups and downs, the poll ended with BTS (42.20%) and EXO (42.04%) taking first and second place, respectively, by a narrow margin. Fans, especially ARMYs who participated in the vote, are demanding that the organizers investigate the scandal regardless of the voting outcome.
However, the Golden Disk secretariat and the broadcaster JTBC showed a wait-and-see attitude. An official from the Secretariat told the on the 4th, “We are not sure when it comes to vote rigging. Ask the carrier that developed the application,” transfering the responsibility, while JBTC said, “We are aware of the controversy over illegal voting. But we are not discussing follow-up measures, including an official statement.

Sources: Naver

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