Go Yoon Jung Froze Up from Being Too Nervous on the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards Red Carpet

Go Yoon Jung was visibly nervous at the Baeksang Arts Awards, freezing up on the red carpet and drawing attention from netizens.

During the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards held on April 28, numerous stars attended and shone in their own beautiful dresses and suits on the red carpet. Before the awards ceremony, actors and actresses stopped at the backdrop to pose for photos, showing off their beautiful gowns and suits.

Go Yoon Jung showed off her goddess-like figure in a unique black dress with a distinctive pattern.

Wearing an all-black dress that highlighted her collarbone, Go Yoon Jung walked the red carpet with a nervous expression, causing her face to tense up.

As she stood in front of the reporters, Go Yoon Jung breathed heavily and trembled, unable to calm her nerves. 

When she shyly raised her hand, unsure of what to do, the MC standing next to her tried to ease the atmosphere by saying, “I want to cheer you on even more when I see actors and actresses who are so good at acting but especially nervous like this.


Only then did Go Yoon Jung finally smile and show a brighter expression.

Fans who saw Go Yoon Jung’s appearance, so nervous and frozen with anxiety at a major awards ceremony, showed affectionate reactions such as “I want to give her a pure heart amulet,” “She’s so cute like a rabbit,” “How nervous must she have been?” and “She looks like an AI robot.

However, some netizens expressed concern, saying, “She looked too nervous. I felt bad for her” and “I hope she doesn’t have any health problems.

Source: Insight. 

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