Go Soo: recklessly came to Seoul to become an actor despite his parents’ opposition and having no place to stay 

Go Soo had a tough time at the beginning of his career. 

tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Missing: The Other Side Season 2” released its 3rd teaser on December 5th, heralding passionate performances by lead actors Go Soo and Heo Jun Ho.

Go Soo

“Missing: The Other Side Season 2”, a follow-up to OCN’s drama “Missing: The Other Side”, which aired in 2020, is a fantasy thriller drama where bodies of missing people in a village and the truth behind their deaths are tracked down.

In the drama, Go Soo plays Kim Wook, a swindler who sees souls. He teams up with Heo Jun Ho, who plays Jang Pan Seok to form a “spirit-seeing duo” to solve cases. 

Go Soo

The unchanging appearance in the teaser of Go Soo, who plays Kim Wook, has become a hot topic. Netizens are stunned to see that he has barely aged. They left comments such as, “Am I the only one getting older?,” “Why isn’t he getting old?” “He looks so good with his Govid long hair”

“Govid”, one of Go Soo’s nicknames, is a combination of Go Soo and David, meaning that his face is as handsome as a sculpture.

Go Soo

Go Soo debuted in 1998 as a singer in the music video “Letter”. He went to Seoul alone with the dream of becoming an actor despite his parents’ extreme opposition. He even had no place to stay. 

Afterwards, Go Soo began to attract attention through commercials for fatigue recovery drugs and walked the path of a full-on actor. He starred in “Jump,” “Ad Madness,” “Marrying the Mafia,” “Nonstop,” “Say it with Your Eyes,” and “Mothers and Sisters.” He especially gained recognition through SBS’s “Piano”.

Go Soo

Go Soo later appeared in SBS dramas such as “Empire of Lust,” “My Fair Lady,” and “When a Man Falls in Love.” In 2005, thanks to his role in SBS’s “Green Rose”, Go Soo was selected as a leading candidate for the Daesang that year.

In addition to his outstanding appearance, Go Soo is also loved for his stable acting regardless of genres. He has established himself as a representative actor of the K-drama scene. 

Go Soo

Source: Daum

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