Go Joon Hee about suspicions of being related to Seungri’s scandal: “It’s not me”

Actress Go Joon Hee has denied the rumor that she is the celebrity that Seungri wanted to introduce to the overseas investors.

On March 27th, replying to some comments on her Instagram saying “Is it true that you’re a hostess of Bunning Sun?” “Some people say that you’re the girl Seungri called to entertain the investor. It’s not you, right?” and “Are you the actress who went to New York City?”, Go Joon Hee answered, “It’s not me”.

SBS-TV’s ‘I Want to Know’ aired on the 23rd revealed a chat room on Kakao Talk in December 2015 that included Seungri and Jung Joon Young.

At that time, in the Kakaotalk chatroom, Seungri ordered to call in a celebrity to entertain the Japanese investors when they came to Korea.

When Choi Jong Hoon said, “Seungri, XXX is now in New York,” Seungri asked, “Did she go to New York again?”

In response, Choi Jong Joon sarcastically said, “Anyway, those X actors are all overseas on their day off.”

In another interview, Seungri said about the scandal, “I think about how I should live because of my ruined image in the private chat room,” adding, “I regret having exchanged these messages.”

As the content of the Kakao Talk conversation was released, attention was focused on the actress who visited New York for a break in 2015, with the related keyword being posted on the real-time search keywords on the portal site.

Some netizens raised the suspicions that Seungri referred to Go Joon Hee as the “sister who went to New York”.

Meanwhile, Go Joon Hee is working for YG Entertainment, the same agency as Seungri.

Sources: dispatch

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