Go Ara, who’s 33 years old this year, revealed a bold sense of volume

Attention was drawn to the recent photos posted by actress Go Ara.

On the 22nd, Go Ara posted several photos on her Instagram with the caption, “Be careful of the changing seasons. Be healthy.” In her photo, Go Ara is sitting outdoors and taking a selfie.

Go Ara, who was traveling abroad, drew attention by revealing a bold volume in a deep-cut top. Even in her comfortable casual clothes, she showed off her extraordinary body.

Go Ara, who dyed her hair brown, smiled brightly and gave a wink, sharing her leisurely daily life. 

go ara

Fans who saw the photos showed enthusiastic reactions such as “So pretty”, “I hope you enjoy your vacation”, “Take care of your health and travel safely”, “Really beautiful”, etc.

Go Ara, who was born in 1990 and turned 33 this year, made her debut in the 2003 KBS drama ‘Sharp’. Go Ara appeared in dramas such as ‘Reply 1994’, ‘Hwarang’, and ‘Miss Hammurabi’.

go ara

The movie ‘Sad Tropical’, in which she starred with actor Kim Seon-ho, is about to be released.

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