“Glitch” Jeon Yeo-bin and Nana transform into an alien eyewitness and a follower, predicting a legendary chemistry

Netflix has released a teaser poster and teaser trailer that shows the interesting personality of two friends of “Glitch,” Jeon Yeo-bin and Nana.

Glitch” is a more-than-four-dimensional drama in which Ji-hyo, who sees aliens, and Bo-ra, who has been tracking aliens, pursue the ‘unconfirmed’ mystery by looking for the whereabouts of Ji-hyo’s boyfriend who disappeared without a trace. It recently released its teaser poster and teaser trailer.

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The released teaser poster contains the serious facial expressions of Hong Ji-hyo (Jeon Yeo-bin), an alien eyewitness who is chasing supernatural activities, and Heo Bo-ra (Nana), an alien follower. These two people are exchanging ambiguous words such as “I see that too” and “Do you believe in that?”. They are usually more ordinary than anyone else, but Jeon Yeo-bin, who holds a secret, and Na-na’s personality of a streamer who pursues a mystery with one belief are making people look forward to their unique chemistry.


In addition, the alien patch that Hong Ji-hyo brought out and Heo Bo-ra’s strange device stimulate viewers’ curiosity about what they mean to their adventure and what kind of activity they will perform. The teaser trailer released at the same time also stimulates curiosity with the adventure evoked by the story of Ji-hyo, who sees the unbelievable, and Ji-hyo’s boyfriend, who has disappeared from Earth.


‘Glitch’ is an adventure in which a person, who lived a very ordinary life of only going back and forth between home and work, harbors a suspicion that her boyfriend has disappeared from the surface of the Earth, and causes errors in her everyday systems. Director Noh Deok said, “It was more important to follow the characters’ adventures and sympathize with them and cheer them on rather than the science fiction.” Director Noh Deok fine-tuned the directing so that viewers can naturally focus into the story of writer Jin Han-sae, who focused more on trust and growth rather than unfamiliar subjects such as UFOs and aliens.


Actors will also take a big part in the glamour of “Glitch”. Jeon Yeo-bin perfectly transformed into Hong Ji-hyo, who was set as a “young woman living the most ordinary and peaceful life” so that her tracking story that arose after the incident had a dramatic effect. Jeon Yeo-bin calculated in detail from her slightly different hairstyle to the timing of wearing glasses or not, to complete Ji-hyo as she gradually changed without even realizing it, and at some point completely turned into a different person. Na-na plays Heo Bo-ra, who Director No Deok introduced as “the most confident character in the work.” Na-na said, “I interpreted Bora as a person who is like a night moth that will jump in without worrying about anything when anyone of her precious people got into trouble.” She is expected to show off her presence by digesting the character’s free-spirited charm and sly personality 100%.


Meanwhile, ‘Glitch’ will be released worldwide on October 7th only through Netflix.

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