Giving a fresh vibe to Gen Z listeners, songs by singers who debuted in the 2000s are climbing backward on music charts 

Singers who made their debut in the early and mid-2000s are showing a strong performance on music charts this autumn.

The singer who has been enjoying the most enthusiastic response this autumn is Younha, who debuted in 2004. The 6th repackage album title track “Event Horizon” by Younha, who can perform a wide range of genres based on rock, went viral and swept music charts six months after its release. In particular, this record was achieved not only by Younha’s singing skills but also thanks to its appearance on entertainment programs and TikTok. 


In a recent interview with Yonhap News, Younha said, “This 6th album was produced with 11 months of hard work during the Covid-19 pandemic”, adding “I think we were able to achieve such a good result because we gathered our energy to make it together”.


Another singer who also stood out on charts this autumn is Tei, who debuted in 2004 and has 18 years of experience. He released a remake of the band Buzz’s hit song “Monologue” and entered Melon’s TOP 10. Looking at the artists who rank higher than Tei on Melon Chart ‘TOP 100’, such as No.1 Younha, No.2 (G)I-DLE, No.3 LE SSERAFIM, No.4 IVE and No.5 NewJeans, we can easily realize the popularity of “Monologue”.


The original version sung by Buzz gained great popularity in the early and mid-2000s and was one of the most popular karaoke songs at that time. Tei appeared on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros”, starring original singer Buzz Min Kyung Hoon, and sang the song “Monologue” with his unique singing style. 

Music fans in their 30s and older responded that they were able to recall memories of 20 years ago through this song. Under the song on Melon, netizens commented, “It’s so nice to hear Tei’s version of Buzz’s song which I used to listen to when I was a student”, “The song is so sentimental”, etc.

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What’s interesting is that people of Generation Z, who were born in the late 1990s and early 2000s, have never experienced the heyday of Buzz and Tei but are also enjoying “Monologue”. As a result, the song was even listed in Naver Music’s TOP 10 “songs that teenage boys listen to the most”. Pop music critic Jung Min Jae analyzed, “Unlike ballads that express explosive and sophisticated emotions, ‘Monologue seems to appeal to music fans as it gives off a familiar feeling to listeners”, “Tei maximized the charm of the original song with his own color”.

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In addition, “My Love from the Star” OST – “Every Moment of You” performed by “ballad prince” Sung Si Kyung, who debuted in 2000, also climbed back on charts and ranked in Melon Chart’s TOP 20.

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