Giselle (Aespa) is suspected of debuting thanks to the relationship with Lee Soo Man’s “girlfriend”

The topic on Pann is saying that Giselle doesn’t fit Aespa’s image but still got the chance to debut thanks to her relationship with Lee Soo Man.

On July 21, Korean media reported that SM director Lee Soo Man bought a luxury apartment for 4 billion won for journalist Cho Joo Hee, the head of the Korean branch of A News. She is responsible for the American branch of A News and also writes articles about SM artists like EXO, Red Velvet, Aespa

According to Chosun, Ms. Cho Joo Hee is 52 years old this year, 17 years younger than the founder of SM Entertainment. The two have been in a loving relationship for many years. She used to be a former KBS broadcaster in the early 2000s, then the director of ABC News (USA) branch in Korea. She used to have a private audience with South Korean President Moon Jae In. A friend revealed, “I know director Lee and Ms. Choo have been dating for a long time after his wife passed away.”

Giselle (Aespa) is suspected of debuting thanks to the relationship with Lee Soo Man's “girlfriend”
Lee Soo Man and Cho Joo Hee

Journalist Cho Joo Hee used to run a forum attended by top entertainment industry leaders around the world. Coincidentally, this is also where the Aespa project was first announced. Netizens were surprised by the news that Ms. Cho Joo Hee is the aunt of Giselle – a member of the Aespa group. Their aunt-niece relationship was found out through one of her tweets in 2012, saying that she had received a gift from her nephew Aeri Uchinaga (Giselle’s real name).

On Pann, there is a topic discussing Giselle’s debut in Aespa. The writer questioned whether it was thanks to her aunt’s relationship with Lee Soo Man that Giselle got a spot in SM’s project.

Giselle (Aespa) is suspected of debuting thanks to the relationship with Lee Soo Man's “girlfriend”
Giselle was criticized for her beauty when she debuted with Aespa.

Right from the time that introductions of Aespa’s members was released, it always caused a controversy because she was a “secret”, unknown trainee. Netizens think that Giselle doesn’t have the right visuals for SM’s requirements, has a short training period and is not the most prominent and potential trainee. After debuting with Aespa, she often received criticisms about her appearance. Giselle’s rapping ability also has not so much chance to be shown in Aespa’s songs. Many comments say that the female idol debuted by using her aunt’s relationship.

Netizens wonder if Giselle deserves to debut with Aespa.

“Today’s debut idols are all extremely powerful and rich”, “I doubt Giselle’s inclusion in the group. She’s not as pretty as Karina or Winter, and her talent isn’t too outstanding. Or does SM want to build a second Black Pink, choosing Giselle just because she knows English?”, “The niece of Lee Soo Man’s girlfriend debuting?”, “In this world, relationship is such a privilege, isn’t it?”, “Giselle seems to be less prominent, the other three are too excellent”… Many comments on SNS are all having questions about Giselle’s debut with Aespa.

Fans were very angry when Giselle was criticized as unworthy to debut with Aespa. The objections that journalist Cho Joo Hee is Giselle’s aunt are just unconfirmed rumors. Even if it’s true, the female idol joined the company, practiced hard and was talented enough to debut. Giselle is aimed at the image of a cool rapper and she used to show her rapping ability very well on the radio, without any flaws. She is very popular with international fans thanks to her talent and cool temperament full of potential.

Source: iOne

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