Girls Planet 999: A competitor fell asleep while practicing, which caused her teammate to burst into tears of anger

In episode 3 of Girls Planet 999, Korean trainee Kim Sein, despite taking on the main vocal position, was the factor that made the team members angry.

On the evening of August 20, episode 3 of the show Girls Planet 999 was officially aired.  In this episode, the two teams will compete against each other when performing cover songs. 

The first performance was Yes Or Yes, in which team 2’s young trainee Kim Sein (2005) was chosen as the main singer. However, Sein’s childlike attitude caused her teammate to break down in tears during practice.

Typically, when the judges assessed the team’s practice process, Sein kept making mistakes. She made some advisors uncomfortable since she did not admit her mistake but always had a reason to make excuses, even blaming others.

When asked if her singing style really suits the song, Sein replied, “Zi Yin said I sound like I’m singing a children’s song. She asked me to sing more maturely”. 

The team members were all very worried about Sein.  Kim Doah commented that Sein lacked concentration while leader Zi Yin said that Sein only did things in her own way, “her head’s in the cloud.” “She’s always zoned out at practice. She would just stand there.  She was blanking out. I don’t know how to fix this. I’m still thinking about it. Shout I yell?” Zi Yin said.

Sein fell asleep while everyone was practicing

When Wen Zhe criticized Sein’s uncooperative and neglectful attitude, the situation became even tenser. The Chinese competitor broke down in tears, fearing that the whole team could be eliminated due to the main vocalist-Sein. 

She didn’t say anything when being criticized
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