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Girls’ Generation, “It’s our 15th anniversary, so it’s more comfortable to be ourselves than be pretentious”

The first meeting of Girls' Generation for their upcoming reality show "Soshi Tam Tam" was revealed. 

JTBC’s new reality show “Soshi Tam Tam“, scheduled to premiere on July 5, will explore Girls’ Generation’s entertaining charm. Fans’ expectations are soaring as they are excited to see what Girls’ Generation members are like now that they are in the 15th year since their debut. 

In particular, the second teaser video for “Soshi Tam Tam” is drawing attention as it shows a discussion about ideas of the members who gathered for the first meeting of “Soshi Tam Tam” back in February. Their honest thoughts and chemistry can be seen.

Tiffany suggested making pairs between the members, doing team sports, a talk show, or a pajama party. Sooyoung proposed an idea to find a person from the memory, but it encountered opposition from Hyoyeon, who said it would be “no-jam” (not fun). When Sooyoung said she would visit Kang Ho Dong as an example, Yuri said, “What are you going to say to him?”, making everyone laugh.

Sooyoung then asked her members, “Girls’ Generation is celebrating our 15th anniversary, what do you think?” and recalled memories of their appearance in various entertainment shows back in the day. When Tiffany said, “It is even before Sangam DMC was built, Sangam DMC may congratulate us.” Sooyoung said, “Sangam DMC should set off firecrackers.” However, Hyoyeon refused this idea, saying, “It’s only fun for us and not fun for the viewers”, adding to the laughter.


Following the concept of Girls’ Generation releasing variety content without a format, when talking about the things she doesn’t like to do, Yoona’s answers were being asked to show individual talents, doing aegyo, and bringing up stories from the past. 

In addition, Taeyeon said, “It’s our 15th anniversary, so isn’t it more comfortable to be ourselves than to be pretentious?” She also mentioned the group’s charm has become different from the beginning of their debut. Through the various opinions of Girls’ Generation members, the first episode of “Soshi Tam Tam” is more awaited.


Source: Daum

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