Girls’ Generation is not in the top 3 most successful SM artists

According to professionals, H.O.T, TVXQ and Boa are the 3 biggest names due to the important contributions they have given the K-Pop industry.

Recently, a topic titled “Top 3 most successful SM artists” is gaining attention on theqoo. During a TV show, 3 music specialists: Kim Tae Hoon (pop music expert), Lee Jong Hyun (record producer), Kim Seong (famous music critic) were asked to pick out 3 most successful artists in SM Entertainment’s history.

After some precise consideration, all 3 of the experts gave the same choices. Kim Taehoon said that because they had been working in the music industry for such a long time, their critics were the same. According to them, the top 3 most successful SM artists are TVXQ, H.O.T and BoA.

TVXQ reached their prime time with the album “Mirotic”.

To explain the reason why he chose TVXQ as the top SM artist, producer Lee Jong Hyun said that their 4th album (Mirotic, released in 2008) showed the peak of idol groups. The title track – “Mirotic” – has become one of the most important hits in K-Pop history.

To music critic Kim Seong, BoA is in 1st place among the 3 SM artists that he picked. BoA was the start of SM’s success. She debuted at the age of 13, built her own career in South Korea and Japan and later became one of the most popular solo artists of K-Pop. Thanks to BoA, the K-Pop wave could gain access into Japan – the world 2nd biggest music industry.

BoA’s single “Listen To My Heart” (2002) was a huge success in Japan.

H.O.T is believed to be the most popular idol group among the K-Pop 1st generation idols. With hits such as “Candy” and “We Are The Future”, H.O.T brought fans to a K-Pop world which is full of eye-catching
performances and catchy tunes.

H.O.T during “Candy” era – the song that is considered to be the nation’s hit (released in 1996).

The specialists also added that H.O.T and TVXQ both had one thing in common: both are the best idol group of their generation. “Along with BoA, these 3 names are the top 3 best artists of SM because they are the pioneers of the Hallyu Wave which has conquered the heart of many Asian audiences”, Kim Seong concluded.

Girls’ Generation is the most successful girl group in SM’s history.

However, the professionals’ choices have created a controversy on theqoo. Many agreed that, based on both contribution to K-Pop industry and widespread influence, Girls’ Generation deserves to be in the aforementioned top 3. Girls’ Generation is the top girl group of K-Pop’s 2nd generation and the ideal group of many girl groups from the same generation and later. At their prime time, the girls’ influence even surpassed boy groups of the same generation such as Super Junior, Big Bang,…

At the same time, some disagreed with including Girls’ Generation in the top 3 most successful SM artists. These people agreed that Girls’ Generation was indeed a legend, but they were still not at TVXQ, H.O.T and BoA’s level.

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