Girl groups these days are making different moves with their debuts and comebacks 

“This is the first time I’ve waited for an idol album like this”, girl groups are drawing interest from the public with unprecedented promotions.

NewJeans, the new girl group produced by HYBE’s label ADOR, is creating a sensation in the music industry. Known as the first girl group planned by CEO Min Hee-jin, who used to work at SM Entertainment, after moving to HYBE, NewJeans has gained impressive achievements in both popularity and album sales by presenting a unique vibe and concept that are different from what have been shown by existing K-pop groups.

According to ADOR on August 3rd, “Attention, the debut song of NewJeans, topped the Spotify Chart in Korea. The girls, who made a “sudden debut” through Youtube videos on the 22nd of last month, showed shocking moves as they unveiled music videos first without revealing the group name, members’ information and debut date. While other rookie idols often go through a “warm up” stage with teasers and photo releases, NewJeans decided to boldly break this practice.

Their album and music videos are also different from that of existing groups. The debut album “NewJeans” includes four songs: “Attention”, “Hybe Boy”, “Cookie” and “Hurt”. Except for “Hurt”, the other three songs were listed as title tracks. In addition, they released 8 music videos to promote their debut, providing things for fans to see and listen to. Ahead of their physical album release on August 8th, NewJeans recorded 440,000 copies in only three days after the pre-order period began, raising expectations for such a fresh and new attempt. “‘Music’ is the concept and color that the group pursues” – This is the explanation of CEO Min Hee-jin, who directed the entire debut process of NewJeans, from recruiting members to planning music, production and choreography.

Other groups that are about to make their comebacks in the K-pop industry also draw keen attention from music fans with unusual events. IVE, which has become a representative 4th-generation girl group, caught the eyes of netizens and fans by presenting a collaboration with writer Jung Sa-rang in their new album. They unveiled a video showing the narration in the script of Jung Sa-rang, who is famous for novels, such as “School Nurse Ahn Eun-young” and “From our eyes”, that match with IVE members. The sincere writings, such as “It is a little more complicated than jealousy, I think I want to be you sometimes”, “To the people who say we will change. I will tell them that they are wrong”, “I will show them we will still be the same as we are”, gives a sentimental and touching feeling.

BLACKPINK released a three-dimensional avatar music video on Youtube ahead of their comeback, raising high expectations. It’s a music video in which the members appeared as 3D avatars at the “In-game Concert” held in the mobile game Battleground. The MV is gaining huge popularity as it surpassed 15.71 million views in 24 hours even though it was not an official song release. 

Source: en seoul

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