“Girl Groups’ Big Match” “Idol Star Athletics Championship” Red velvet defeated Twice, advancing to the archery finals

 Red Velvet won the archery game against Twice.

MBC Chuseok Special Edition ‘2018 Idol Star Athletics Championship’ broadcasted from 5:55 pm on 25th drew the semi-final match between Twice and Red velvet.

In the early part of the game, Red velvet began to take the lead due to a mistake made by Twice’s Dahyun. In particular, Dahyun left much to be desired as she played as an ace in archery on last Lunar New Year’s special program, on which the commentator complimented her shooting fast.

Twice’s Chaeyoung and Red Velvet’s Yeri continued the battle. As Yeri scored steadily, Chaeyoung appeared nervous due to a series of mistakes. After that, the ace Tzuyu sailed in and began to chase fiercely. Red velvet’s Irene managed to score 10 points calmly.

There was a big match between the aces in tension. Although Tzuyu did her best, she were not able to surpass Red Velvet, which was already far ahead in the score. In the end, the Red Velvet won 85 to 71 and advanced to the finals.

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