Girl group brand value chart June 2021: BLACKPINK doesn’t reach the top, a rookie makes a spectacular breakthrough

BLACKPINK is no longer in the top three of brand value rankings chart, and instead, a slew of newcomers have risen to the top.

This morning, the Korean Business Research Institute revealed this month’s brand reputation rankings for girl groups.  Compared to last month, the top 5 has had a big change, mainly related to the comeback of a few girl groups recently.

During the period from May 13 to June 13, experts from the Korea Business Research Institute collected and analyzed data from girl groups currently active in K-pop.  All these pieces of data are analyzed by experts from the Korea Business Research Institute based on various criteria, such as frequency of participation, media coverage, interactivity, and  community index.  Brand tracking analysis of 100 reputable editors was also considered.


This month, the list was led by asepa, a rookie female group whose brand worth has increased by 655.91 % since May. In June, the group received a score of 3,553,551. It’s worth noting that the group was ranked 18th last month.

aespa 783729

High-ranking terms in aespa’s keyword analysis include “Next Level”, “Billboard” and “universe”, while their highest-ranking related terms include “release”, ”  pass” and “enter”.  The group’s positive-negative reaction analysis also showed a positive response score of 73.54%.

In second place is Brave Girls.  The group has maintained its popularity throughout the past few months.  The brand score that this girlgroup achieved in June was 3,299,237, continuing to decrease compared to the previous month.

Brave Girls 72980 7399

TWICE came in third with a brand reputation index of 2,950,127, up 56.69 percent since May.

BLACKPINK, who had been the runner-up the previous month, has dropped to No. 5 this month.

who has the most singing parts in all music videos of blackpink 1

The top 30 girl groups with the highest brand value scores include:

  1. aespa
  2. Brave Girls
  3. TWICE
  4. Oh My Girl
  6. Red Velvet
  7. ITZY
  9. Rocket Punch
  10. STAYC
  11. fromis_9
  12. WJSN
  13. Girls’ Generation
  14. woo!ah!
  15. Lovelyz
  17. LABOUM
  18. APRIL
  19. Bling Bling
  20. (G)I-DLE
  21. DIA
  23. LOONA
  24. 24.cignature
  25. Dreamcatcher
  26. Weeekly
  27. After School
  28. Apink
  29. GWSN
  30. TRI.BE,

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