(G)I-DLE still implicitly mentions and supports Soojin in the new poster?

Netizens suspect that CUBE will still try to protect Soojin after her scandal. 

On the evening of April 22 (local time), UNIVERSE MUSIC posted a full teaser photo for (G)I-DLE’s comeback with Last Dance.  This MV is scheduled to be released on April 29.  The group is said to have finished taking teaser photos, recording the song, and recording this MV in February. However, due to Soojin’s bullying scandal, the group had to redo the entire production process without this member.

In the photo above, the main colors of the background and outfits are all black, giving off a mysterious atmosphere.  All 5 members are wearing stylish crowns on the heads.  The long table in front of them was placed with many objects such as glasses, candles, branches, roses, skulls …

Besides, a photo that attracts the most attention is the cover for this song on digital music sites.  The black photo has the logo of the group, with red letters showing the name of the song and the producer.  The most special detail in the picture is the 6 candles that are burning halfway.

It seems that CUBE wants to deliver the message that each candle is a member of (G)I-DLE.  Meanwhile, this girl group is active with only 5 members due to Soojin’s suspension of activities.  Therefore, netizens left many angry comments on the image above.  At the same time, they think that it will be better for (G)I-DLE if Soojin leaves the group. 

– Soojin probably still won’t leave the group, right?  Cube still uses 6 candles to represent 6 members.

 – CUBE still can’t kick Soojin out?

– The line-up this time still looks good. Soojin must leave the group to avoid affecting the other members.

However, there is an opinion that the red line written over the majority of the tallest candle can also mean that CUBE will soon cross out Soojin’s name from the lineup.  Someone even surmised that this song is a gift (G)I-DLE gives to fans, so the implied image of Soojin will only be meaningful until the day the song is released.

– 6 candles but one candle is crossed with a red letter.  The 6 candles also do not represent 6 people, so Soojin fans do not have any hope

– Because the song missed production before the scandal broke out and was only released on UNIVERSE, so CUBE left a picture of 6 candles as thankful to Soojin during the past time.  After the release date, the company probably kicked her out of the group.

Source: K14

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