(G)I-DLE Soyeon on “Gayo Plaza” radio, “The moment I feel like being a ‘queencard’? It’s when I complete a song”

(G)I-DLE members Soyeon, Miyeon, and Minnie revealed the moments they felt like being a ‘queencard’.

KBS CoolFM’s radio show “Lee Eun Ji’s Music Plaza” broadcast on May 17th, welcomed (G)I-DLE Soyeon, Minnie and Miyeon

Girl group (G)I-DLE recently made a comeback with their sixth mini album “I feel”. Since their title song is “Queencard”, the MC asked, “When is the moment you think you’re the prettiest? The moment you feel like being a ‘queencard’?”.


First, Minnie honestly replied, “On days with schedules, we often go to the salon with our bare faces. While getting makeup, I close my eyes because I’m tired. Later when I open my eyes, the makeup has been done and I think I look pretty.”

Miyeon then shared, “Similar to Minnie’s answer, it’s after we get our makeup done”, adding “Isn’t it great to get off work? The moment I remove my makeup, it’s just perfect”, drawing laughter.


Soyeon also agreed, saying “The moment I wash my face”.

Regarding the moment she thinks she looks pretty, Soyeon said, “Whenever I complete a song, I think ‘I’m pretty’ and ‘I worked hard’.”

DJ Lee Eun Ji commented, “In my case, I feel I’m the prettiest when my bald makeup is done beautifully. As an entertainer, I feel good when my makeup looks great. I’m happy when my nose contour is on point”, adding, “I think (G)I-DLE members are the coolest when you do your main job”.

Source: Daum

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