(G)I-DLE Soojin’s scenes were almost deleted but netizens are still not satisfied

(G)I-DLE’s latest MV was officially released after Soojin’s school violence scandal.

On April 29, (G) I-DLE officially made a comeback to the Kpop race with MV Last Dance.  This is a combination music product between (G)I-DLE and Hip-Hop production group GroovyRoom, released on the UNIVERSE platform.  Therefore, on YouTube, fans can only enjoy a nearly-2-minute MV. 

Most notably, Last Dance was released after (G)I-DLE’s Soojin was caught in a school violence scandal.  Previously, the company representative announced that they would re-filming the MV, but they had cut the scene related to Soojin as much as possible. 

From the beginning of the MV, it was clear that (G)I-DLE still appeared with a 6-man lineup.  Soojin even appeared clearly beside the other members.  But the number of scenes related to Soojin is strictly limited.

However, netizens still seem not satisfied:

– I won’t support (G)I-DLE until Soojin leaves the group.

– Disgusting 

– Soojin-ah, please leave the group. I don’t want Soyeon’s talent to be used wastefully

– I don’t think Soojin will leave the group, good-bye

Last Dance is a combination of powerful vocals and energetic rap of (G)I-DLE members along with the rhythm of the deep house pop genre from GroovyRoom.

Leader Soyeon participated in composing the rap part.  In the MV, the members turn princesses out of fairy tales.  Miyeon’s visuals have been especially praised.  However, netizens pay attention to Shuhua’s center position. She has shown her ability in this new MV.

Source: K14

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