(G)I-DLE have their own fandom name after less than 1 year debut

(G)I-DLE’s official fandom is called Neverland.

Today (29/10), CUBE Entertainment has officially released a special announcement for fans of (G)I-DLE. From today, (G)I-DLE’s lovers, or fandom, will be officially named Neverland. Perhaps this is the rewards the company has for (G)I-DLE for their success in such a short time.

Rookie group (G)I-DLE (Miyeon, Minnie, Soyeon, Soojin, Yuqi và Shuhua) haved decided the time for their comeback.
(G)I-DLE officially announced their fandom name

“Neverland” is derived from the name of a land in Peter Pan, a novel written by J.M Barrie. In this country, human age will not change. So, Neverland is a land containing the dream of children who want to have fun, to fly freely and live forever with childhood. In particular, this land exists only in the minds of children only. Leader Soyeon emphasized, “Because we are IDLE (children), we live in Neverland.”

On a deeper level, Neverland is also a mythical land where children can feel free and comfortable to do whatever they love, and not be affected by the cruel world which is full of traps. What a meaningful name, right?

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