(G)I-DLE has to edit their new MV, remove Soojin’s scenes as much as possible after the school violence scandal

This is (G) I-DLE’s first music production after Soojin’s school violence scandal broke out.

As a result of Herald Pop coverage on the 19th, Universe plans to release “Last Dance (Prod. Groovy Room),” a new UNIVERSE music song for (G)I-DLE with five members, excluding Soojin.

UNIVERSE MUSIC announced that Last Dance (Prod. GroovyRoom) had completed all stages and other additional contents in February this year and scheduled to be released at the end of April.

“However, due to an issue related to Soojin occurred in March, (G)I-DLE are currently working in a reorganized state of the five-member lineup”


Universe also confirmed (G)I-DLE is working with a 5-member lineup.  The platform discussed with Cube Entertainment and decided that it would be difficult to produce entirely new content after considering contractual relationships with distributors, partners, as well as intangible and tangible losses. 

Other additional content such as behind-the-scenes photos and videos will also be edited with the arrival of only 5 members.  Finally, Universe will minimize Soojin’s appearance in MV “Last Dance”. 

According to Cube, it was difficult to share their stance on (G) I-DLE’s new song, as well as Soojin’s part.

Currently, the female idol is on a temporary hiatus.  Since Seo Shin Ae pointed out that Soojin had bullied her, Seo Soojin has not made any further action.

Source: Nate

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