(G)I-DLE fans criticize Seo Shin Ae for using the song ‘HWAA’ to ‘shade’ Soojin in the bullying scandal

Many people believe that Seo Shin Ae used the song ‘HWAA’ to write a post referring to Soojin in the school violence scandal

Among those believed to be the victims of exposing Soojin (G)I-DLE‘s bullying back in her school days, the person who got the public’s interest the most is Seo Shin Ae.  She is not only a famous child actress from the drama ‘High Kick 2’, but also used to mention that she was bullied many times during school. That is also the reason why Seo Shin Ae could not continue to attend high school but decided to learn a program at home for a degree to apply to university afterwards.

Accordingly, many posts claiming to be related people affirmed that by the time they both attended the same school, Soojin had many bullying acts against Seo Shin Ae.  The member of (G) I-DLE is accused of insulting Seo Shin Ae’s appearance and acting career. Even the actress herself had a few posts “lowkey referring” to this, and this has made (G)I-DLE’s fans extremely angry.

Seo Shin Ae used the song 'HWAA'

 However, Seo Shin Ae never mentioned Soojin’s name directly. On the contrary, in a post explaining and dismissing the allegations, Soojin mentioned the actress’s name directly and denied that they know each other. This made the public angry and asked Cube to clarify the situation. Recently, however, the company only announced that Soojin would halt her activities, but they have yet to explain any controversy.

 Amid the news that Soojin had stopped her activities with (G)I-DLE was published, Seo Shin Ae shared a long Instagram post. The caption is filled with emotional words and also full of hidden meanings.  It seems that the actress is trying to recall her traumatic past of being bullied at school.

Seo Shin Ae used the song 'HWAA'

 Again, Seo Shin Ae did not mention Soojin’s name, however there are many questionable points that make Knetz believe she is referring to the (G)I-DLE member’s bullying controversy: She posted on Instagram as soon as Cube made a new a statement about Soojin, the post has many references to the past suffering from being hurt by someone, and especially, her words seem to be rewritten from the song ‘HWAA’’s lyrics – the latest title song that (G)I-DLE was promoting.

 The first ones to realize this were (G)I-DLE’s fans.  They say that Seo Shin Ae’s wording and comparison are like she was responding to or taking idea from ‘HWAA’ lyrics. In her post, Seo Shin Ae repeatedly mentioned phases such as ‘cold winter’,’cruel wind ‘,’ buried tears’, ‘melting snow’, ‘flowers will bloom again to win back spring’, etc is no different from the lyrics of’ HWAA ‘.

Seo Shin Ae used the song 'HWAA'
Seo Shin Ae used the song 'HWAA'
Seo Shin Ae used the song 'HWAA'

 Immediately, (G)I-DLE fans angrily criticized Seo Shin Ae for using the lyrics of ‘HWAA’ as the idea of ​​writing the above post. The lyrics of ‘HWAA’ were originally written by the leader Soyeon, so Neverlands said that the actress did not respect the composer, even blatantly used her lyrics to shade Soojin and (G)I-DLE.

Seo Shin Ae used the song 'HWAA'

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