Genius idols that are recognized by KPOP fans: 3 BTS members and an EXO member who appears immediately with just a click on Google

All these idols have both talent and visual. That’s why they are called “geniuses” by KPOP fans.

Many KPOP idols not only own outstanding visuals but are also talented. Apart from singing, some even turned to other fields and still succeeded. Therefore, it is not exaggerated to praise them as geniuses. Recently, Korean netizens on Pann have made a list of genius idols recognized by KPOP fans, and some groups have more than one member mentioned because it was too hard to pick out the most impressive one.


Jennie was the only BLACKPINK member that Knetizens chose to the list of genius idols, and they also proved that she absolutely deserves this title. Debuted as the main rapper, Jennie also impressed fans with her great vocal and dancing skills. With diverse facial expressions and fancy looks, she also slays all the stages.

Not only Jennie’s rap, vocal and dance skills are praised but her stage presence is also well-recognized
Pretty Savage (BLACKPINK) – Jennie fancam

As she could do well in all positions, this 1996-born idol has always been spotlighted in every BLACKPINK performance. She was also the first member to debut solo and gained huge success for her personal career. Apart from being a singer, Jennie is also receiving attention in the fashion world as she has become the brand ambassador for many global brands.

Kristen-Stewart BlackPink jennie
Thanks to her charisma and attractive body figure, Jennie has become the brand ambassador for many luxury brands and achieved great success in fashion

Sana and Nayeon (TWICE) 

There were 2 members of TWICE mentioned in this list. They are Sana and Nayeon. Sana is known for her beautiful visual, impressive dancing skill and expressions on stage.

Sana is also recognized as a genius idol by KPOP fans
TWICE Sana’s fancam for I Can’t Stop Me

Meanwhile, Nayeon was chosen as the center in most of her group’s songs thanks to her sweet and fresh appearance that suits the concept of TWICE. Nayeon is also one of the best vocalists of the group. She sometimes received more lines than the main vocal Jihyo, although her position is a lead vocal. In addition, the eldest member of TWICE also has amazing dancing skills and she can change her expression flexibly, from youthful and fresh concepts to sexy and attractive images

Apart from Nayeon’s great singing and dancing skill, her visual also suits TWICE’s concepts
TWICE Nayeon’s fancam for Alcohol-Free

Jimin, V and Jungkook (BTS) 

Jimin, V and Jungkook have different vibes, but all of them received compliments for their handsomeness and talent and are called “geniuses”. Known as a lead vocal, Jimin is often in charge of the high notes in BTS’s songs. Moreover, he is also recognized as a dancer for his variety of choreography techniques. His amazing stage presence and his cute and kind personality in real life are also the factors that make him the “fans attractor” of BTS.

BTS Jimin
Jimin is one of the main dancers and vocalists of BTS
BTS Jimin’s fancam for Butter

V is praised as the “role model” for many KPOP idols and trainees. Many idols said they learned a lot from V’s stage presence of showing different expressions on stage. In addition, he can also do well in singing and dancing. This 1995-born idol has a sexy low-tone voice that adds a unique color to BTS’s music.

bts v
V is called the “role model” for KPOP idols, thanks to his amazing stage presence and expressions.
BTS V’s fancam for ON

Meanwhile, Jungkook, the “golden maknae” of BTS, has proved himself as an all-rounder ever since his debut. Recognized as the main vocal of the group, Jungkook owns a powerful vocal and outstanding live singing skill. More surprisingly, he can also rap and dance really well. With his ability to slay the stage, Jungkook naturally becomes the center in most BTS performances.

bts jungkook
Jungkook gets the nickname “golden maknae” because he is literally good at everything
Still With You – Jungkook (BTS)

Like other members, Jungkook can also compose songs. He participated in producing various songs for the group and for himself either, such as Magic Shop, Still With You, Your Eyes Tell, etc. Moreover, the maknae of BTS is also good at some unexpected hobbies like painting, sports, and photography. That’s why he is still one of the top idols, even though he has already debuted for 9 years.

Baekhyun (EXO) 

Baekhyun is one of the most outstanding Kpop idols who have both talent and visual. The attractive aura and diverse expressions help the 1992-born male idol easily transform flexibly in many different concepts. What’s interesting about Baekhyun is that he has such good dancing skills that many netizens even forget that he is the main vocalist of EXO.

Baekhyun is good at both singing and dancing, his stage presence is brilliant as well 

Even though he is called an all-rounder, Baekhyun is still most appreciated for his singing. The male idol has a beautiful and warm voice color, with one of the best vocal techniques among the 3rd generation’s idols. These factors not only help Baekhyun succeed as an EXO member but also allow him to have an impressive career as a soloist.

Bambi MV – Baekhyun (EXO)

Suzy (Former miss A member) 

Back when miss A was still active as a group, Suzy took on the position of a sub-rapper and lead vocalist.  Moreover, she was also the face of the group thanks to her outstanding visual and eye-catching performance.  The female idol often showcased diverse expressions on stage. She could nail both the sweet, refreshing concept and the sexy, attractive concept. Thanks to her charming stage presence, many of Suzy’s fancams have recorded millions of views.

Suzy used to be the “stan attractor” of miss A. She is known for her flawless visual and expressive performance skills
Suzy’s Love Song fancam

As the most popular member of miss A, besides group activities, Suzy had the opportunity to go solo to prove her ability. The female idol also soon followed the acting path and quickly made a name for herself through a number of hit TV series such as Dream High, While You Were Sleeping, Vagabond, Start Up, etc.

Leaving the idol career, Suzy is still extremely successful as an actress

Taemin (SHINee) 

Taemin has long been known as a well-rounded idol. Not only is he good-looking, the male idol also has top-notch singing and dancing skills. He is called as one of the best “dancing machines” in Kpop. In addition to his activities with SHINee, Taemin is also part of the project group SuperM and has an amazing solo career.

Besides his captivating visual, Taemin also excels at both singing and dancing 

However, Taemin has gone through a tough journey to achieve the success he gets today. When he first debuted, the male idol had almost no singing line in SHINee’s songs. Thanks to constant practice, Taemin’s live singing now sounds exactly like the studio version. Combined with top performing skills, he truly deserves to be called a genius idol.

Taemin’s Advice stage

Taeyeon and YoonA (SNSD) 

Taeyeon and YoonA are 2 members of SNSD who are called genius idols by Korean netizens. SNSD’s leader Taeyeon impresses the public with her gorgeous and timeless visual, looking much younger than her actual age. Besides her appearance, the female idol is also known for her strong and emotional singing voice. Fans often joke whenever Taeyeon sings sad songs, she sounds like she has been through several divorces. Taeyeon’s stage presence is no joke either. Her exceptional talent and beauty are the reason why Taeyeon has continued to maintain her top position in the idol industry as the main vocalist of SNSD and a solo singer for 14 years.

Refreshing look and outstanding talent help Taeyeon retain her popularity despite having worked in the industry for 14 years 

Taeyeon’s “Weekend” stage

As for YoonA, because she left such a strong impression on the public as SNSD’s center, she is considered the first center of Kpop. The female idol is not only famous for her stunning visual but also her decent singing and dancing skills. Not only succeeding as a member of the Nation’s girl group SNSD, YoonA also stands out when she becomes an actress or takes on the MC position.

YoonA is known as the first center of Kpop. From visual to talent, she has it all 
YoonA’s Lion Heart fancam 

G-Dragon (BIGBANG) 

When it comes to Kpop’s genius idols, it is impossible not to mention the leader of BIGBANG. G-Dragon is successful as both an artist and a fashion icon. Not only is he a talented rapper, G-Dragon is also good at singing and dancing. Notably, he has an outstanding ability to master the stage. The male idol also has a talent for producing and composing music. He has contributed to many hits of BIGBANG as well as his own solo tracks.

G-Dragon is the leader of the legendary boy group BIGBANG and an iconic solo Kpop artist
G-Dragon’s COUP D’E TAT stage

Among the above idols, although Korean netizens mentioned Jungkook the most, Baekhyun is a special case. All because when searching for the phrase “genius idol” in Korean on Google, his name will appear immediately, proving that the EXO member is recognized by both fans and netizens.

When searching for the phrase “genius idol” in Korean on Google, Baekhyun’s name will appear immediately
  • [+570, -276] Seriously, Jungkook was born with singing, dancing, rapping skills and charming looks
  • [+471, -98] Jungkook ♡
  • [+330, -72] JK is so good, there’s nothing he can’t do
  • [+287, -51] I love you Jeon Jungkook… Don’t listen to what these ba$tards say because they are idiots
  • [+223, -117] I agree with BTS Jiminㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • [+57, -40] Taeyeon, Sana, Nayeon, Baekhyun, Jennie, I agree
  • [+51, -21] The one who will appear just by typing ‘genius idol’ on Google is God Baekhyun
  • [+25, -7] Sana and Jimin

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