“Gaon Chart Awards” fandom voting 1st round, Lim Young-woong and BLACKPINK Lisa got 1st place

The first round of voting for the “Global Choice Award”, which is part of the “2021 Gaon Chart Awards”, has ended.  

On the morning of Dec 29th, the first voting round for the “2021 Gaon Mubeat Global Choice Awards” held through the Mubeat application has ended. 267,000 people participated in the male artist category’s first round of voting, which began on Dec 14th with 16.94 million votes counted, while 47,000 people participated in the female artist category’s voting with 2.13 million votes. Reportedly, global K-POP fandoms from 232 countries have participated.

The “2021 Gaon Music Awards” will be held after the male and female nominees are chosen based on Gaon Chart’s digital music and album sales results and 3 voting rounds. Lim Young-woong, BTS, Kim Ho-joong, Kang Daniel, SEVENTEEN, Astro, Stray Kids, Lee Chan-won, TXT, ATEEZ, etc. were nominated for the second round of voting in the male artist category, while Lisa, TWICE, Rosé, ITZY, aespa, Red Velvet, IU, Brave Girls, Dreamcatcher, Whee-in, etc. were nominated for the second round.

2021 Gaon Music Awards

More than 1.455 million K-POP fans from 232 countries around the world have participated in the voting “2020 Gaon Music Awards” and gave 95.72 million votes. The current 1st place is Lim Young-woong in the male category and BLACKPINK in the female artist category.

The “Gaon Chart Music Awards” is a music awards ceremony held by Gaon Chart, the only nationally recognized music chart in Korea, and is evaluated as the most objective and fair awards ceremony in Korea, awarding awards based on data from the music and record services. The “Gaon Mubeat Global Choice Awards,” which is selected only by the vote from global fandoms after shortlisting the candidates based on Gaon Chart data, is drawing much attention and welcome in that it opened the way for K-pop fandoms around the world to participate in major domestic awards ceremonies.

Meanwhile, the second round of voting for the “Mubeat Global Choice Award” will be open until January 10th, 2022, and 10 teams will be selected from each category. In the final third round of voting from January 11th to 21st, 2022, only one team from each category will be chosen for the grand awards, heralding a fierce battle for the grand prize.

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