(G)I-DLE had to cancel their schedule after Soojin was accused of bullying her classmate

Soojin’s scandal resulted in (G)I-DLE’s schedule being canceled

Recently, a series of Korean celebrities were accused of bullying classmates.  Among them, a few Kpop idols are also involved in this issue.  However, the most affected idol is Soojin ((G) I-DLE).

Although Cube and Soojin personally denied these allegations, the female idol still received criticism from netizens.  Many denouncing posts still appeared continuously, and these had a negative impact on Soojin’s activities in particular and (G)I-DLE’s in general.

(G) IDLE had to cancel their schedule

Many brands that Soojin cooperates with all have the act of ‘hiding’ promotional videos or images related to the female idol.  Accordingly, some Peripera stores have stuck stickers on Soojin’s promotional images.  And the fashion platform zigzag has hidden the interview video of the female idol even though they’ve worked together many times.

(G) IDLE had to cancel their schedule

However, these controversies not only affected Soojin but also affected (G) I-DLE’s image when the group had to cancel their schedule.  Accordingly, on today (February 23), the group will be guests of the show ‘Gossip Idle’ (Naver NOW) hosted by Miyeon.  However, this schedule was canceled on February 22 due to pressure from the public.

On the afternoon of February 22, a staff of Naver NOW confirmed: ‘It is true that (G)I-DLE’s appearance on the show has been canceled.’  It is known that this is also the group’s first schedule canceled since Soojin’s scandal broke out.

(G) IDLE had to cancel their schedule

Many Knets became more angry and blamed it on Soojin.  They said that the allegations related to her were so serious that whether Cube or Soojin herself had denied it, the situation would not be any better.  On the Korean network forum, Knet no longer maintains a neutral attitude when realizing that there are too many disadvantages for (G) I-DLE at this time.  They asked Soojin to leave the group to avoid affecting other members.

(G) IDLE had to cancel their schedule

Some comments of Knets:

 – Quickly leave the group.

 – Leaving the group is the best solution.

 – Just leave the group, don’t let things affect the others.

– Soojin please leave the group.  Miyeon hasn’t done anything wrong and is also being criticized for being the host.  (G) I-DLE also was removed from the show.  Please leave the group.

 – Ah ~~ I like (G) I-DLE’s songs, but I can’t listen to them anymore because of Soojin.

– To be honest, they should cancel their activities now and discuss Soojin’s future.  Even if she doesn’t leave the group, she should make this decision now… It’s better for Soojin too.

(G) I-DLE has a lot of talented members, so let the one with a bad personality leave the group.

Sources: tinnhac

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