G-Friend was praised for how they treated a wheelchair-bound fan in a fansign

[Pann] G-Friend was praised for how they treated a wheelchair-bound fan in a fansign

G-Friend’s personality in their fansign
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Yesterday a fan came to G-Friend’s fansign in a wheelchair. G-Friend all came to her, gave her their signatures and listened to her story. Yerin and Sowon even cried. I have always noticed it before, but their love for fans is just amazing.

Gfriend, sinb
Gfriend, sinb

I think many people have seen these photos, but I’ll post them for the people who haven’t seen them yet anyway.

Gfriend, sinb
Gfriend, sinb
Gfriend, sinb

SinB’s love for fans is the best.

Post-its are banned in the fansign, but the fan attached it in without knowing that. However, the manager standing in front of teh fan had noticed that. SinB’s face suddenly became stiff, and she looked so sad witnessing the post-it crumpled by the manager.

Sources: Pann

[+228, -4] They seem to love their fans even more after going through such a hard time to debut and succeed. How nervous they must have been being no-name rookies? Because they were so afraid of failing, each fan became important to them.

[+167, -7] These kids are really kind.

[+152, -3] If you look at the last photo, you’ll see how SinB cherishes every fan.

[+67, -0] If you have fallen for SinB’s girlcrush charm, you can’t get out.

[+61, -1] Sowon is known to be the G-Friend member that rarely cries, so seeing her cry like that hurts my heart. Sometimes I forget how tired they must be because they always show us their bright side and are active for their recent comeback, too. So seeing them crying makes me realize they have to hold it in however hurtful it is. Be strong, our leader.

[+37, -1] When I see their show, I realize how kind they are. In these days girl groups, they are among the ones that have talents as well. Their company really trained them well.

[+28, -0] So cool of them, their fans must be touched.

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