G-Friend SinB showed professionalism on stage despite having a dislocated shoulder

G-Friend SinB has shown the fans her professional adjustment in the group’s choreography. But the fans were worried that her condiion would become worse.

On August 26th, G-Friend held a concert called ‘2018 Season of GFRIEND‘ in Manila, Philippines. The girls have had a great time with the local fans that filled the concert hall to the fullest.


On that day, G-Friend performed one of their hit songs, “Love Whisper“. In the performance, the members wore colorful stage outfits and sucessfully drew the fans’ attention with their perfect choreography.


At this point, SinB didn’t unfold her left arm intentionally. She actually tried to execute the choreography by lifting her arms slightly at the beginning of the stage, but later she didn’t unfold it again.

Right away, the fans noticed SinB‘s behavior. It was because of her usual shoulder pain. In fact, she had to suffer from shoulder dislocation during her activities in the past.


In the middle of the performance, SinB showed a grimace of pain. But then, she kept smiling and continued the choreography as if nothing had happened.

But just because she smiled didn’t mean she could overcome the pain. The ending part of “Love Whisper” was when members hold each other’s hands in intersection and turn their heads to finish.

It can be seen that SinB folded her arms and didn’t held Umji‘s hand. Even a small movement could be really painful. Perhaps Umji could also predicted SinB‘s situation since she didn’t look confused at all and still posed very calmly.


The moment the lights went off, Yerin, who stood next to SinB, put her head onto SinB‘s shoulder. Perhaps she felt sorry for SinB because she seemed to comfort her and wanted to ease the pain away for her. Let’s watch everything in the video below.

Source: dispatch

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