G-Dragon’s ideal type is really like Jennie

G-Dragon once shared about his ideal type in TV shows.  Fans discovered that his descriptions all matched Jennie

After the dating news of Jennie and G-Dragon was released, the two became one of the most powerful couples in Korean showbiz.  The leader of Big Bang has known his girlfriend since she was a high school student and has collaborated on some music products.  However, at that time, the two only maintained the senior-junior relationship

Currently, when they are in a relationship, fans discover that Jennie is a girl that matches G-Dragon‘s ideal type.

G-Dragon's ideal type is really like Jennie

G-DRAGON likes a girl who loves cooking  and music

Having been working with Big Bang for 15 years, G-Dragon has participated in many TV shows and shared interesting things about his private life, including his ideal type of girlfriend.

In 2011, he appeared on SBS’ Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time and confessed that “I like women who cook well and have much knowledge in other fields that I am not familiar with.”

G-Dragon's ideal type is really like Jennie

Jennie appears to be a confident cook. In the reality show BlackPink House, the 25-year-old idol often invited the other three members to cook together.  Her dishes such as colorful chocolate, strawberry macaron cake … were praised for being beautiful and delicious.  BlackPink members even jokingly called her Jennie Ramsey (named after famous chef Gordon Ramsey).

G-Dragon's ideal type is really like Jennie

Jennie also shared a video of herself preparing food on YouTube.  There is an opinion that these moments have attracted G-Dragon – who especially loves girls who know how to cook.

Jennie has lived abroad for many years and can speak fluently in English, Japanese, and a little French.  The fact that the female singer uses many languages ​​can help G-Dragon improve his foreign language skills.

G-Dragon talked about what he likes in a significant other once again on the SBS reality show Thank You in 2013. He described marriage as a “friendship”, saying he hoped his wife would enjoy music. He even said he’d like to let his loved one listen to his work first so that she could give him feedback on it.

Of course, G-Dragon and Jennie are both signed with YG Entertainment and clearly like hip-hop. As any diehard K-pop fan will know, both idols spent six grueling years as trainees and have been passionate about music since they were young. Therefore, Jennie can completely help the leader of Big Bang with his work.

Jennie’s type: someone who is trustworthy and manly

During an interview with Arirang Radio in 2017, Blackpink members were asked if they preferred guys who are cute or sexy. Jennie was quite shy when she answered that she liked sexy men.

G-Dragon's ideal type is really like Jennie

In fact, G-Dragon doesn’t have an outstanding height or a muscular body, but he is always at the top of the sexiest stars in the entertainment industry thanks to his charisma when standing on stage.

Also in 2017, Jennie participated in the show Knowing Brothers and revealed that she liked a man with a warm personality. She also said that she cares more about personality than looks, preferring someone who is trustworthy and manly.

Jennie emphasized the importance of reliability again in an episode of SBS’ Village Survival, the Eight in 2018, where she revealed five things men can do to make her heart flutter. Jennie said: “First of all when a guy remembers something I mentioned [I wanted] in the past and does it for me. Second, when he carefully listens to what I say.” 

G-Dragon's ideal type is really like Jennie

From the above sharing, fans realized that G-Dragon also completely coincided with Jennie’s ideal type. It’s reasonable enough to assume that G-Dragon would be reliable enough for Jennie to depend on, given that he’s her senior by eight years and that BigBang debuted a full decade before Blackpink.

G-Dragon's ideal type is really like Jennie
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