G-Dragon wishes Happy Birthday to older female friend, “Happy Birthday SOOO”

BIGBANG member G-Dragon congratulated his close friend, female model Soo Joo, on her special day.

On March 28th, G-Dragon published an Instagram story celebrating the birthday of model Soo Joo’s birthday, saying, “Happy Birthday SOOOO.”

g- dragon

G-Dragon and Soo Joo have maintained a long-lasting friendship, having built a connection through a magazine photoshoot featuring a twin concept in the past.

In 2016, G-Dragon made a surprise appearance on On Style’s “Devil’s Runway”, which Soo Joo hosted as an MC, showcasing their friendship. In a past broadcast, Soo Joo said, “At first, I didn’t like (G-Dragon’s) impression, so we didn’t talk much and never mingled. However, as we worked together more, I found out he has a tender heart and is mischievous but kind.” 

“I knew who he was originally, but I didn’t know Ji Yong (G-Dragon) was that famous”, the model also added.

On the other hand, G-Dragon has announced that he’s making a comeback for this year.

Source: Naver

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