G-Dragon released his healthy condition when enlisting

The current status of BIGBANG G-Dragon serving in the military has been revealed.

A photo of G-Dragon was posted on Internet communities in Korea and abroad on November 13. Unlike the fact that he was worried by fans due to his ankle injury and surgery, he was seen as a bright and healthy person.

In particular, Chinese netizens said that he had gained weight. Even the hashtag “?志?了” (Kwon Ji-Yong gained weight) topped the real-time search words in Weibo. It can be seen that G-Dragon still has a strong influence in China.

On the other hand, G-Dragon has been trained since February last year as he was recruited to the Cheongwon Army Third Division of Gangwon province as a recruitment unit. Currently, he is serving in the military as an artillery unit of the 3rd Infantry Division in Cheongwon, Gangwon Province. The entire schedule for G-Dragon is November 26, 2019.

Source: nate