G-Dragon might be discharged from the military service, open up a controversy about him being disqualified

G-Dragon, a member of Big Bang, is known to have been judged as disqualified for active service, raising the possibility of him being discharged from the military.

A media outlet raised the possibility of G-Dragon’s discharge on the afternoon of March 2nd.

According to the report, the investigation committee of the three divisions conducted a review of Kwon Jiyong’s non-compliance with active service last month. He was judged as disqualified in the review of his unit and his division, and left only the best-in-class decision. If the review results in a final nonconformity, G-Dragon will either serve as a public service agent or be incorporated into the Civil Defense Commission as a second national role. This means he will be discharged from the current unit.

The media said, “The review of non-compliance in active service is not simple, but in the case of celebrities, the commander feels burdened and handles those cases more quickly.

Meanwhile, the news that G-Dragon’s promotion was omitted due to excessive use of vacation caused a stir on the 26th. As he spent more than 100 days outside the unit during his 364-day service, suspicions have arisen that G-Dragon is receiving preferential treatment in the military.

Sources: heraldcorp

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