G-Dragon appeared at an event with a headband

Rarely appearing at the event, G-Dragon (BIGBANG) makes people crazy about his dressing style.

Although BIGBANG has not officially come back yet, the reputation of the group in general and G-Dragon, in particular, shows no signs of cooling down.  Netizen is still paying close attention to his every little move.  Appearing at an event organized by Dazed Korea magazine, the leader of BIGBANG exploded on social media because of his strange style. 


On May 12, G-Dragon attended the Art Exhibition Fair of Dazed Korea magazine.  Rarely appearing in public, BIGBANG’s leader takes over social media because of his unique style of dress.  The male idol chose a black suit, a cool jacket, and rolled-up pants. 


The outfit looked cool until fans noticed that G-Dragon wore a headband.  The male idol’s hair seems to have grown. Maybe he used the headband as he had not cut his hair or he had not washed his hair yet. 

G-Dragon is famous for his unique style of dressing.  His cool and cute black outfit at the event has become the talk of the town.  It cannot be denied that every time, the leader of BIGBANG has a different outfit.  However, V.I.P admits they never understand what he is wearing and can not keep up with his style.


Although G-Dragon’s style has not been deciphered yet, fans still insist that this is definitely a new trend.  The use of headbands or rolled-up high-waisted pants, long black socks are sure to be a favorite in the fashion industry.  Both fans and K-pop idols won’t miss G-Dragon’s new style.


Although not making a comeback with music, G-Dragon still shows a strong influence in the fashion field.  Recently, the male idol was the cover face of Dazed Korea magazine on the occasion of its 13th anniversary.  8 different versions of this issue has been released.


Recently, the news about G-Dragon’s comeback also caused a stir among netizens.  Sharing on Dazed, the male idol said he is still focusing on music and BIGBANG.

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G-Dragon is famous for his fashion sense and is the top trend-setter in Korea

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