From Sakura to Nako, Produce 48 is sweeping the popularity chart. Kang Daniel is in 4th place?

M-net’s “Produce48” has reached the popularity rate of 24-25% and remained number 1 for 4 weeks in a roll in the non-drama category. Also, for the non-drama program participant category, Miyawaki Sakura landed in first place.

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An organization analyzing TV programs’ popularity called GoodData Corporation has announced this result after studying the number of news, blogs, online communities’ topics, videos about 192 non-drama TV programs and 1,676 people participating in these programs from July the 2nd to July the 8th.

Unsurprisingly, Yabuki Nako has been able to stay at second place following fellow Japanese idol Miwayaki Sakura. Yabuki Nako, thanks to the great performance in the Group Battle Ground, has captured the heart of the audiences at the live showcase and landed in first place in the program for this week. Jang Won Young, the center of the first “Very very very” team has successfully climbed up 3 ranks and is now in third place.

Ranking in at number 5 is the “countryside idol” Shitao Miu, who used to be in 26th. Chiba Eri takes the 6th spot and the 7th one belongs to Matsui Jurina, who currently withdrew from the program due to health problems.

Taking possession of 4th place is Kang Daniel of MBC’s “It’s dangerous beyond the blanket”, which maintains the second most popular non-drama program with the rating of 3, 29% even in the World Cup season.

Sources: Naver

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