From dating to infidelity, death, and pregnancy… Fake news crosses a lot of lines these days

Korean stars are suffering from absurd fake news. Rumors from unknown sources and unconfirmed rumors are spreading rapidly through YouTube.

Recently, suspicions have been raised on YouTube and various online communities that G-Dragon and Jang Won-young are dating. The reason is that the styles of clothes the two wore at the Paris fashion show were similar.

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Those who insist on dating rumors between the two use Jang Won-young‘s outfit as the basis. Ambassadors usually wear costumes from the most recent season, but according to the rumor-spreader, Jang Wonyoung caused suspicion by wearing an item that was released six seasons ago. It is said that she deliberately chose to wear the same outfit as G-Dragon, who attended Fashion Week around the same time. Additionally, G-Dragon posted a gift from the brand on social media and added a picture of the brand’s ambassador, Jang Won-young, sparking dating rumors.

Jang Won-young G-dragon

In this regard, Jang Won-young’s agency warned, “We will take strong legal action against the dissemination of false information related to our artist that is being circulated online and on social media.” On the other hand, the item Jang Won-young wore at Paris Fashion Week was also an unpublished product of the Miu Miu brand and was scheduled to be unveiled through the November campaign.

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G-Dragon was born in 1988 and is 33 years old this year, and Jang Won-young was born in 2004 and is 18 years old. Thus, the rumor that G-Dragon started dating Jang Won-young, who is a minor, is absurd.

On the 6th, singer and actor Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) was caught up in an untimely affair with a female golfer. It is said that he is living with a female golf player beyond an affair, and that he is having a quarrel with his wife, Kim Tae-hee.

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In response to the absurd rumor, Rain’s side drew a line, saying, “It is a rumor that is not worth mentioning.” He also said that he is preparing a hard response in this regard.

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On the same day, actor Jo Jung-suk also announced that he would take legal action against rumors of an affair with a female professional golfer. Jo Jung-suk‘s management company said, “Our company confirmed that the rumor of actor Jo Jung-suk having a relationship that is closer than acquaintances with a golfer is false information that is spreading indiscriminately. All of the rumors are obviously false facts. Also, it is so absurd that the company and the actor are currently involved with a person we have never met, and various speculations are being spread as if they were facts”

jo jung suk

There is also a star who suffered from a death rumor on YouTube in June, and it’s none other than Seo Jeong-hee. The actress is having a difficult time battling breast cancer, and some YouTubers rushed to her like hyenas and produced “fake news”.

In particular, in this process, Seo Jeong-hee’s portrait photos were synthesized, made into thumbnails, and added into images of fellow celebrities wearing black suits and crying with the caption “Seo Jeong-hee officially died at the hospital”. The production of fake news is based on the death of a distant person. 

Seo Jeong-hee

Seo Jeong-hee, who encountered this while fighting cancer, could not contain her anger. In a recent interview with a monthly magazine, she said, “I usually don’t dwell on rumors or malicious comments, but this time I was deeply hurt. I was afraid because it was a message suggesting my death.”

Longtime colleagues Shinji Koyote and Kim Jong-min are also victims of fake news from YouTube. They were recently embroiled in rumors of pregnancy and marriage. Recently, a YouTube channel claimed that Shinji and Kim Jong-min have been dating for two years, that a pregnancy happened, and that they are getting married in October.

Shinji denied this, saying, “It’s absolutely not true. If the YouTube content is true, I’m pregnant and I’m getting married to Kim Jong-min at a cathedral in October. There are people who really believe in fake news. More than a thousand comments were posted on the video, and people congratulated me.”

Kim Jong-min Shinji

She also added, “It’s nice to say that we look pretty and look good together, but I hope you’ll be careful about sensitive parts like pregnancy rumors.”

Comedian Park Soo-hong, who drew attention due to legal disputes with his older brother and assault by his father, became a new target for fake news YouTubers. When it was reported through news articles that Park Soo-hong had been assaulted by his father on October 4th, YouTubers churned out numerous provocative titles and thumbnails, which range from Park Soo-hong’s parents having fled to the United States, his mother being a stepmother, to absurd information like Park Soo-hong’s father had died.

park soo hong
Park Soo-hong

Most of these videos are characterized by “cards” that draw viewers to click, which are either woven into contents that are purely wrong or unable to be confirmed. They also have extremely provocative and “clickbait” titles and thumbnails. 

It is the stars and fans who suffer from the atrocities of these “fake news YouTubers”, who take advantage of other people’s pains by focusing on clicks and profits. No matter how much public attention is paid to being a celebrity, the rumors about dating, infidelity, and death are nothing but dissemination of deceitful facts. Except for the individual responses of the stars, there is no proper way to sanction them, making it even more frustrating.

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