From BLACKPINK Jisoo to BTS V… Stars caught up in dating rumors created on SNS

BTS V drew a line at the allegation that he was dating A, the daughter of a hotel enterprise’s president.

Regarding this, on October 14th, HYBE BTS‘ management company – clarified, V and A’s family are only acquaintances.”

Amid recent posts which have been raising suspicion of a relationship between V and A, the agency drew a line calling it an unreasonable dating rumor. Hereby, V’s dating rumor seems to have ended with a simple explanation. Earlier, some netizens pointed out whether the two were dating in that V frequently wore accessories from the fashion brand launched by A and that V and A’s family were caught several times. Above all, the post stating that V visited the exhibition center with A and A’s mother sparked the suspicion of dating.


Recently, a netizen posted on SNS saying that V visited the Kukje Gallery of the Korea International Art Fair held at COEX, Gangnam district, Seoul on October 13th. The eyewitnesser also included photos of V and two women affectionately enjoying the exhibits.

Based on the fact that A uploaded a photo of her visit to the exhibition center on SNS this day, some speculated that the women who accompanied V would be A and A’s mother.


However, this seems to have ended as a false rumor. Most fans view it as an incident that was caused by keen interest as V is a top K-pop idol in the world. Above all, after BLACKPINK Jisoo has also been embroiled in an unexpected dating rumor with football player Son Heung-min recently, V’s case contributed to reminding us that we should be wary of reckless speculations.


Source: Nate

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