From 2000-seat debut concert to 90,000-seat tour concert, BTS showed their gratitude to fans

BTS was thrilled to be able to enter the main stadium for their concert.

Today, BTS held press conference right before the last day of their “Love Yourself” tour in Seoul at the Olympic Stadium in Jamsil Stadium. There’s a huge amount of expectation on the group’s global popularity as well as the world tour through their repackage album “Love Yourself: Answer”, which was the conclusion of the “Love Yourself” series, released on August 24th.
After stepping into the Olympic Stadium, Jin expressed, “It’s enormous! Our first concert’s scale was enough for only 2000 seats, but it’s an honor to meet my fans at such a big concert hall like this. I’m grateful to be able to perform with you guys here”

In addition, V said, “We will perform in Europe for the first time ever, so we’re all curious about the fans’ reaction there. We will prepare a lot with our unique energy and performance so that we can have a good time with the European ARMYs

Jungkook also shared, “Even though I believed that if you try your best you can do anything, I am so grateful that opportunities came to us early. It is a great honor to perform at Britain’s O2 Arena concert hall. I’ll take good care of my condition and work hard, so I hope you will look forward for our next activities.

BTS’ “Love Yourself” tour, which started with their Seoul concerts, will take over North America, Europe and Japan. 33 concerts will be held in 16 cities and will welcome fans from around the world with 790,000 seats.

[+472, -28] Those 2000 fans must be the driving force for them to make the “90,000 seats” happen. Let’s flourish, BTS.

[+380, -27] If it rains today, please don’t get injured and perform well.

[+309, -27] BTS’ class is now the world’s best group for sure.

[+28, -4] 90,000 seats are not enough. I really wanted to go to the concert today but it was sold out. I will become one of those lucky ARMYs next year. Good luck on your concert.

[+28, -6] The ARMYs who couldn’t buy a ticket are crying. Because it’s raining, they might get hurt. So BTS, perform safely please.

[+24, -3] It’s too short to perform in Korea for only two days, so I hope they can expand the period next time. I want to have a seat, too

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