Freezia gives an update on her current whereabouts, “I have a new family member…” 

YouTuber and influencer Freezie announced her adoption of a dog.

Freezia shared several new photos on her Instagram on October 6th with the caption, “Let me introduce the newest member of our family. Name is Bazzi. My sweet sweet precious baby !!!” 

The photos show Freezie holding a little dog with white fur in a loving way. She was looking at the dog with honey-dripping eyes. The latest update of Freezia and her new family member draws many fans’ attention.

Freezia’s dog Bazzi is presumed to be a Bichon Frisian from the looks of it. Some fans wondered if Freezia bought it from a pet shop or adopted it. 

In response, Freezia revealed, “My acquaintance’s puppy gave birth to puppies, so I brought one of them home.”

Netizens showed reactions such as “The dog looks so cute”, “Both Freezia and Bazzi look like dolls”.

Meanwhile, Freezie was embroiled in a controversy over wearing fake luxury clothes earlier this year during her appearance on Netflix’s reality dating show “Single’s Inferno”. After giving an apology and taking a break, she recently resumed her activities as a beauty YouTuber.

Source: nate

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