Frantic rumors of 2 idols in Jung Joon Young’s sexual group chat: Are they members of Super Junior and 2AM?

After MBC broadcasted shocking news about other famous stars in Jung Joon Young’s sexual groupchat, netizen quickly put on a detective mode to find out the others.

Today, Jung Joon Young was escorted to the prosecutor’s office to prepare for a prison sentence after the police investigating the crime of filming and distributing sex clips. The problematic case of rumors surrounding Seungri and Jung Joon Young and many related artists gradually came to an end, but suddenly yesterday, MBC made the entertainment industry buzzing again.

MBC said, in Jung Joon Young’s sexual groupchat, there are 14 members, Jung Joon Young and the others have filmed and leaked sex clips in this groupchat.

Not stopping there, among the 14 members there are some famous people who have been identified as singer K, singer J and model M.

Immediately after the information was given, Kpop fans were shocked as they tried to find out which artists and models are likely to be involved in this shaking scandal. And thanks to talented investigation skills, Korean netizens have immediately suspected the following idols with just one photo.

In the photo, Jung Joon Young had a nice dinner with Kang In (Super Junior), Jin Woon of 2AM and model Lee Chul Woo. They are also members of jTBC’s “Hitmaker” program.

In the investigation of Jung Joon Young, the content of the message showed a conversation between Jung Joon Young and Lee Jong Hyun (CNBlue) that happened at the time that Jung Joon Young filmed in Berlin for the show “Hitmaker“.

Kang In, Jin Woon, Jung Joon Young and model Lee Chul Woo filmed the “Hitmaker” program together.

A source from jTBC said that “Hitmaker” is a program produced by another company, jTBC is not involved in the production of this program. They just broadcast the program only.

JTBC also added, “Because the program aired 3 years ago, all the people in charge of the program left for other companies, so it was difficult to find related materials about the company that produced this program as well as their crew.”

The rumour about Kang In, Jin Woon and model Lee Chul Woo’s relation with Jung Joon Young is currently just a guess from netizens. If this is the truth, then netizens are indeed hawk eyes!

Source: kenh14

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