Former Wonder Girls’ member Hyelim announces first baby pregnancy

The news that former member Hyelim (Wonder Girls) is pregnant with her first child is making netizens extremely happy

On October 8, Hyelim (former Wonder Girls’ member) and famous Taekwondo player Shin Min Chul announced that they had officially become parents after more than a year of marriage. Accordingly, Hyelim is in the first trimester of pregnancy, and her family is excited to welcome the first baby. 

Notably, the former idol born in 1992 maintains a bright and fresh look on her face despite gaining some weight and having a big waist. She looks bright and happy preparing to welcome a new member of the family. It seems that pregnancy does not make it difficult for Wonder Girls’ beauty.

hyelim wonder girls

Hyelim and Shin Min Chul got married in July 2020 after 7 years of dating. It is known that Shin Min Chul is 6 years older than Lim and he is the executive director of the “Mirme Taekwondo” team. Throughout his career, Shin Min Chul has been named as one of the best Taekwondo masters in Korea. He also participated in various national competitions and won many prestigious medals. 

Meanwhile, Hyelim was born in 1992. She joined Wonder Girls in 2010 and worked with the group until it disbanded in 2017. Since announcing their relationship until now, the couple has always received a lot of support from netizens due to their match in appearance, age as well as their sincere and steadfast love for each other.

Source: K14

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