Former Kpop idol manager revealed the reason for rudely pushing fans and why idols have to refuse gifts from fans

After listening to these stories, I really sympathize and understand more about the position of manager – who always try their best to protect the safety of Kpop idols.

On a recent AYO broadcast, by personal experience, two former artist managers Baek Kyung Jae and Nam Yoon Jae, revealed many stories that Kpop fans may not know. Among them, the action of the bodyguards having to “strongly” push the fans away from the idol was also explained.

Former Kpop idol manager revealed the reason for rudely pushing fans and why idols have to refuse gifts from fans
Baek Kyung Jae (left) and Nam Yoon Jae (right) shared stories about the job being the manager of idols using their own experiences

When receiving questions about rude actions to the fans, Kyung Jae said that the thing he most often did when he was a manager was push rudely the fans who did not follow the rules, “I don’t want to hit them but if I have to, I will push them; young people tend to disobey our orders because they want to see their idols even when we tell them to keep their distance. After that, a fight between us and the rude fans it is”.

Fans often act really rude when they see their idols

If the fanatical fans continue to refuse to keep their distance between them and their idols, the managers must stand their ground. Since idols themselves can’t tell fans to leave, managers have to do it for them. It’s their way of making sure that accidents don’t happen.

Sometimes the managers will have to be tough with the fans who are rude and disobedient

Nam Yoon Jae shared, “Both us, the managers and idols can get into dangerous situations. Idols can’t say ‘Don’t come here!’ to defend themselves when fans suddenly run toward them.”

Although they are no longer the manager of their former idols, the two managers also said a few things: “To the fans, please behave properly and be more understanding when meeting your idols”.

Nhiều người lợi dụng sự tin tưởng của idol dành cho fan để thực hiện ý đồ xấu thông qua những món quà

Because there are more actions from fans who have bad intentions, nowadays, more and more idols cannot accept gifts from their fans. The images of idols enjoying the gifts from fans and appreciating their love at fansigns are not difficult to see. But for events that are not under control, the manager has to prevent the idol from receiving gifts for the safety of the artist.

Kyung Jae said, “It’s very difficult to take care of idols. Actually, there was a poison attack through lunch boxes and food before.”

Many people take advantage of idols’ trust in fans to carry out bad intentions through gifts

As a manager, ensuring the safety of idols is always a top priority. Fans sometimes won’t understand this, often thinking that the managers are too strict and don’t respect their feelings for their idols. Some even consider this to be rude. Kyung Jae affirmed, “If we don’t control it, everything will become chaotic.”

It is impossible to know what is hidden inside these lovely gifts

Through the above stories, I hope that fans can understand more and sympathize with the managers, whose role is to protect the safety of the artists.

Source: Koreaboo