Former JYP’s trainee Sakamoto Mashiro said “I envy ITZY’s debut”

Former JYP’s trainee Sakamoto Mashiro explained the reason why she challenge herself to debut in a girlgroup one more time.

On the 1st episode of Mnet’s show Girls Planet 999: Girls’ Generation (‘Girls Planet 999’ in short) broadcasted on August 6, former JYP‘s trainee Sakamoto Mashiro appeared and drawn much of the anttention.

Former JYP trainee's Sakamoto Mashiro said “I envy with ITZY’s debut”

Sakamoto Mashiro said “I won the 2nd place in a JYP audition”. She also added that she used to be a trainee along with ITZY members.

In an interview with the production team, she said “I was exhausted, I thought that I would not make it to the debut and wanted to give up”. “I searched for jobs in Japan and also worked many part-time jobs. Then I saw my friends performing on stage. It made me keep thinking back on this job. I was jealous of them.”, she confessed.

“I gave up and returned to Japan but my heart didn’t feel the same.”, she added “This is my last opportunity.”

Girls Planet 999: Girls’ Generation, an audition program to form a Korean-Chinese-Japanese girlgroup, is aired every Friday at 8:20pm.

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