Former contestant Fu Yaning reveals Mnet forced her to create drama with CLC’s Yujin on Girls Planet 999

Fu Yaning recently exposed the truth behind the viral “drama” in the first episode of Mnet’s survival show Girls Planet 999. 

In the first episode of Girls Planet 999, Fu Yaning shocked the viewers and was criticized for her straightforward diss towards CLC’s Choi Yujin. Specifically, the 5 contestants of the C-group chose CLC’s Helicopter to perform. Fu Yaning confidently said that they could do better than the original. Notably, the original singer of the song – CLC’s Yujin was also present in the studio as a contestant.

fu yaning girls planet 999

When the host asked the group if they wanted to say any words to the original singer, Fu Yaning quoted the lyrics of Helicopter and changed the line “I go up, helicopter” to “We go up, but you don’t”.

Recently, in an interview in China, Fu Yaning revealed that the show’s staff made her blurt out her diss towards Yujin. Specifically, they made her mention something harsh while performing Helicopter and “but you don’t” was the least hurtful phrase that Fu Yaning thought of.

fu yaning girls planet 999
fu yaning girls planet 999

During the recording, Yujin’s reaction was quite cheerful but Mnet evil edited to make the atmosphere look intense. Fu Yaning was then shocked and she even cried while calling her parents. “I don’t want this to affect me, I joined the show because of my passion for the stage. I wish that I could showcase myself as who I really am. Now there are actually more people who support me than dislike me, that gives me the courage to read the comments,” said Fu Yaning.

In fact, the relationship between Fu Yaning and Yujin throughout the show was good. The two even hugged each other while performing Helicopter again.

fu yaning girls planet 999


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