For a moment, Sana (TWICE) reminded the audience of Irene

Thanks to the hairstyle and makeup, Sana’s charisma reminded of Red Velvet’s Irene.

On October 31, Twice had a comeback stage on Music Core show. The group performed two songs in the album “Eyes wide open”, “Up no more” and “I can’t stop me”.

JYP’s girlgroup attracted attention with beautiful outfits, sparkling visuals, eye-catching dance moves, stable live singing skills. Among the members, Sana shined with perfect appearance. The female idol was dressed in red, her hair was bouncy, and her makeup was perfect. The Japanese member was attractive with delicate beauty, high nose and sexy eyes. 

On social networks, netizens believed that Sana reminded of Irene (Red Velvet) thanks to her similar aura. The two female idols do not look alike, but thanks to the change in hairstyle and makeup, Sana had a mysterious cold beauty like Irene.

Netizens praised Sana’s visual in this comeback. With retro style, she looks like a charming ’90s lady. Japanese beauty and Korean makeup made Sana look very attractive.

Some comments: 

  • Sana with black hair and red outfit looks so much like Irene.
  • Sana is suitable for many concepts. She has a sweet and cute look in “No up more”, but in “I can’t stop me”, she already looks so sexy and mysterious.
  • Every time I look at Sana, I get startled because I think it’s Irene
  • Sana’s eyes and charisma were extremely similar to Irene
  • Sana’s visual never disappointed me
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