Following the success of “Squid Game”, actress Jung Ho Yeon’s Instagram rapidly gained 1.2 million followers

Model-turned actress Jung Ho Yeon is receiving explosive responses in Korea and abroad thanks to her successful debut in Netflix’s original drama “Squid Game”.

In “Squid Game” – a recent Korean hit series, Jung Ho Yeon played the role of Sae Byeok. Her passionate acting has received enthusiastic reactions from domestic and foreign viewers. Jung Ho Yeon’s Instagram account only had 400,000 followers before “Squid Game” was aired but has recently increased rapidly and just surpassed 1.2 million followers on September 22.


In particular, the number of her Instagram followers shows a sharp increase in overseas movie fans compared to Korean. This has proved the excellent result of “Squid Game” in the global movie market.


At the premiere press release for “Squid Game” held on September 15, Jung Ho Yeon told the behind-the-scenes story of how she was cast for this drama, “I was in New York preparing for a fashion week as a model. One day, my company contacted me and told me to take an audition video and send them. I could still remember that except for eating, I spent most of my time reading the script. After sending back the video, I received a call from the director and immediately came back to Korea.”

On September 21, Jung Ho Yeon drew great attention from fans by revealing a cute daily life photo on her Instagram story.

In addition, she has been in a romantic relationship with actor Lee Dong Hwi, who is 9 years older than her, for 6 years now.


She is also a close friend of BLACKPINK Jennie.

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